Lunch Money


I stood next to the orange tree just a couple of tree rows from the road. It was a beautiful warm southern calfornia afternoon and I was dealing with one of the side effects of an afternoon at the park and just a few too many cold beers. I really had to pee and there was no waiting till getting home. I never heard a sound. I just noticed movement next to me. There she was, my daugher of 31/2. Her mother had sent her from the car to join me. She never hesitated. Just took off her panties and joined me as we christened this spot. I remember the smile as she looked up at me with no understanding of the somewhat bizzar scene of father and daughter standing in the orchard, taking a pee together. Instant bonding. That was twenty two years ago.

Christmas night 2002, We sat on the couch together as she tried to give me a peek into her world. Templates, html code, web page layout, I think I got about half of it. She was patient. I was attentive. And to the stranger it would not look as odd as I believe it was as the old man tried to grasp some of what this blogging might be about as I marvel at the ease with which she danced over the keyboard. As easy as peeing next to an orange tree . Re-bonding.

The next day a whirl wind afternoon and off she went on a plane bound for Australia and a new chapter in her life. And for me, as I deal with a myriad of emotions from joy to emptiness, from exitiment to sorrow, from pride to fear, for me ---re-bounding.

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