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My Best Friends Wedding

I've been stalling posting this story because I have not been able to organize my thoughts enough to tell about Don and Carols' wedding. And, as I was talking to AJ last night I realized I would not ever be able to tell the story the way I wanted to.

Don is my longest and bestest friend and one of the things I love about him is the ecclectic and interesting people that surround him. They were all there on June 21st and it was beautiful. But the most beautiful thing to me was the affirmation we, Don and Carols friends, were able to give them by just being there for their wedding. It is not often in life that we are able to experience how our existence affects others. So often it is only after we have lost a friend or loved one that we realize how precious they are to us. I once heard a story about a missionary who was working in Africa. A small boy he had befriended brought him a gift one day and when he opened it, he realized that the boy had had to travel many days just to get such a thing. The missionary thanked the boy profusly but went on to say what a chore it must have been to travel such a distance for the gift. The boy smiled and said "I know and the trip is part of the gift".

The "Happy Couple":