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As the drums of war beat louder I have found myself remembering back to the early 60's when we were told by our government we must protect the world from the "threat of communism in the far east". When in 1967 I found myself drafted, "trained to kill", and sitting in a 5 ton truck riding from the Saigon airport to a receiving area just outside the city. I had never felt such a sense of impending doom as I did on that hot, humid, smelly afternoon. Never before and never again until now as I listen to leaders, who used their power, connections, and money to avoid experienceing what I did ( remember George W went into the Texas Air National Guard and served all of 4 years of an 8 year commitment in the good old USA), try to convince me, this nation and the world that this war is necessary to preserve peace and freedom.

So, I relied on my old friend Google to see what I could find to give me some words to what I believe is going on. I typed in the words Adolf Hitler because my gut has been telling there is a lot similarty to what I'm hearing from Washington and what he told the people of Germany. Next I did a search within using the word speech, then another search within using the word peace. I list below two paragraphs from the first link listed from that search. I leave the interpretation to the reader.

Adolf Hitler
Speech of April 12, 1921

"Certainly a government needs power, it needs strength. It must, I might almost say, with brutal ruthlessness press through the ideas which it has recognized to be right, trusting to the actual authority of its strength in the State. But even with the most ruthless brutality it can ultimately prevail only if what it seeks to restore does truly correspond to the welfare of a whole people." -------------------------------------------------

"And fourthly we were further persuaded that economic prosperity is inseparable from political freedom and that therefore that house of lies, 'Internationalism,' must immediately collapse. We recognized that freedom can eternally be only a consequence of power and that the source of power is the will. Consequently the will to power must be strengthened in a people with passionate ardor."
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